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Packaging Trends: Latest Innovation Examples from 2017

UK packaging consultancy and TurnAvisual partner ThePackHub has collated some interesting recent packaging innovations to help you keep you up-to-speed with the latest developments. The innovations are a selection from ThePackHub’s Innovation Zone database.

Sustainability as a top priority – bio-based fruit packaging enriched with tomato plant fibres

Using easily recyclable and unusual material for packaging which reduces waste and has environmental benefits is as important as ever.

Considering this situation is not going to change any time soon, Pure Hothouse Foods Inc., a Canadian vegetable and fruit grower, has recently started contributing to the circular economy with the introduction of their Cloud 9 snacking tomato brand packed in solid board enriched with tomato plant fibres.

The packaging is produced by Solidus Solutions. Solidus have successfully developed a process to manufacture solid board that includes tomato plants fibres. Pure Hothouse Foods has become the first Canadian company packing tomatoes in their own plant fibres.

User-centric packaging – improving functionality and talking pack concept

Even though packaging artwork design plays great role in grabbing customer’s attention and persuading consumers to make a purchase, it is a structural design and usability that can have a significant impact on the decision to keep buying this product in the future.

laser-scored packaging wipak

As a response to an increased requirement for quick, convenient and easy-to-use packaging from customers, leading specialist in multilayer and barrier flexible films, Wipak UK has announced the introduction of a laser-scored ‘pinch n pull’ range to improve pack opening and consumer convenience.

The initiate is suitable for a range of dried foods product bags. The range feature an unusual and unique to the market laser-scored opening. The easy-open feature is unlike anything else previously reported in the Innovation Zone with a laser-scored pinch ‘n’ pull opening significantly increasing pack functionality.

This packaging innovation solution uses advanced laser technology to be incorporated into a range of bag and pouch formats. The pinch ‘n’ pull opening eliminates the need for scissors, is neat and tidy and, unlike traditional packs which rip and tear when opened, ensures there’s no product spillage. No barrier characteristics are lost in the process.

audio packagingGlobal product development and technology consultancy firm Cambridge Consultants has come even further in that direction with their talking pack concept. The organisation has developed a smart packaging solution for the pharmaceutical industry. The AudioPack concept has been designed to help ensure vital medication is taken correctly by patients.

AudioPack delivers medication instructions with audio messages that are triggered by touch-sensitive packaging. The goal is to give patients additional guidance and support particularly when starting new treatment. Instructions are delivered by an avatar named Ana, who verbally guides the patient through their new medication. AudioPack is also aiming to cut clinical costs by reducing the time medical staff need to spend instructing patients.

Unusual material for usual products – recyclable corrugated box delivers temperature-sensitive goods

mondi ice boxInnovation is pushed by great ideas and ability to look at the problem outside the box, or inside the box like it was done by Mondi. Mondi Grünburg, Austria has announced the introduction of a new corrugated box concept called IceBox.

The initiative has been designed for the transportation and increased product preservation of temperature-sensitive chilled foods and beverages products. The solution works for products that require the cooling effect of ice packs or crushed ice.

The moisture levels of ice usually means that a paper-based pack is off the radar but Mondi’s 100% recyclable corrugated solution uses a special paper surface treatment.

The proprietary Mondi barrier solution is called Paratherm and delivers the necessary barrier. Paratherm enhances the performance of the corrugated box for use in cooling and freezing conditions and is able to support ice packs or crushed ice and safely retains any melt water residue.

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