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About Us

Planet Paper Box is a sheet plant that has supplied corrugated cartons and sheets to a variety of businesses since 1963. Our State of the art, 150,000 square foot, ISO-certified facility is located in Concord, Ontario, just North of Toronto. Not only our production response, but our production capabilities are second to none! Planet houses amongst the most modern and widest variety production machinery that the industry has to offer!

An entrepreneurial approach

As a medium-sized service-driven company, we offer our clients the best of both worlds; the professionalism and print run capability of a large-scale production facility and the responsiveness and flexibility of a smaller operation. If you need to talk to someone or modify your order, we are here.

We control every step.

All of our capabilities are in-house. We never outsource tasks, so we control the quality and speed of every part of the process, from manufacturing to shipping and delivery. Proprietary software gives us up-to-the-minute visuals on your order, so if anything needs to be stopped or changed, we can do it in-house. No other company can offer you the same level of responsiveness or speed to market.

Your needs always come first.

Our “above and beyond” attitude to service is the cornerstone or our business – we pride ourselves on it. It’s a competitive market out there, and we know that as customers, you will stick with the partners who you can count on, who put your needs first every time, no matter what the situation.

Whatever your packaging needs, Planet Paper Box can help you find the perfect solution for shipping, display, storage, and more. Our facility always stocks corrugated board in a wide variety of flutes and tests, so call us. We’re ready to make exactly the box you need right now.

about us
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We’ve got them

From our industry leader “Super Stack” to Food Service Industry Boxes, we have got you covered.