Litho Printing

Planet Paper offers Litho and Spot Litho for Cost Effective Stand out packaging.

Lithography (Litho)

Offset lithography is the most common high volume commercial printing technology. In offset printing, the desired print image is burned onto a plate and is then transferred (or offset) from the plate to a rubber blanket, and then to the printing surface. The lithographic process is based on the repulsion of oil and water. The image to be printed gets ink from ink rollers, while the non printing area attracts a film of water, keeping the non printing areas ink-free.


  • High image quality.
  • Works on a wide range of printing surfaces including paper, wood, cloth, metal, leather, rough paper and plastic.
  • The unit cost goes down as the quantity goes up.
  • Quality and cost-effectiveness in high volume jobs. While today’s digital presses are close to the cost/benefit ratio of offset for high quality work, they are not yet able to compete with the volume an offset press can produce.

Full Lithography

Digital Printing tends to suit shorter print runs, whilst Litho Printing is more for longer runs. Digital printing involves printing a complete copy of a file at a time, whilst its lithographic counterpart produces each required number of copies from a page separately, before the pages are collated together.

Litho printing requires a plate, whereas Digital prints go directly from file to machine, so each copy is printed and collated at once.

Spot Lithography

Skills of manual colour matching and consistency at Planet Paper Box go back over sixty years and have been passed on to our current generation of lithographic experts, through traditional methods.

Colour matching is never an ‘exact science’ and it takes an experienced eye to know to “stick a bit of orange in it”.

Lithography offers a high quality cost effective printing solution to boost visibility of your product on the retail shelf.


  • Produce corrugated_paper_planet_paper_box_toronto_produce
  • Meats corrugated_paper_planet_paper_box_toronto_meat
  • Consumables corrugated_paper_planet_paper_box_toronto_consumables
  • Easy on the Environment corrugated_paper_planet_paper_box_toronto_environmental
  • Extra stacking strength corrugated_paper_planet_paper_box_toronto_strong
  • Proprietary Technology corrugated_paper_planet_paper_box_toronto_light_bulb
  • Patented corrugated_paper_planet_paper_box_toronto_patented