Trends in packaging for 2023

Packaging trends for 2023 14 trends in packaging for 2023

Now that 2022 is coming to an end, it’s time to look at the current package design trends and make some educated guesses about what will grow in the industry in the coming year. At the end of another hard year caused by the epidemic, it’s clear that people want to buy things that are both tasty and light.

The use of whimsical figures to make people smile, calm colour palettes, and a nod to simpler times through nostalgic design are all starting to show up in package design for 2023.

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In 2023, there will be 14 big changes in package design. Here are some of them:

  1. Minimalism
  2. Blocks of colour and curves
  3. Pay attention to type in the layout
  4. The 1960s psychedelic revolution
  5. The trend of packaging as a source of peace
  6. package design trend is “faux 3D deco,”
  7. Complexity and symmetry work well together.
  8. Why abstract art is beautiful
  9. The Fallacy of Depth
  10. Examples of a product
  11. Maximal inside, minimal outside
  12. Raw materials that are perfect in every way
  13. Colours that were put together by cutting and pasting
  14. Rubber hose heroes are king!

Packaging trends — 1 Minimalism

It is not hard to see why minimalism is appealing to a large number of people. Keeping the packaging simple has two benefits: it makes the product seem honest and simple, and it keeps the goods looking neat and classy. Packaging that is as simple as possible is becoming more and more popular, especially in the cosmetics and beauty industries. Popular brands like Summer Fridays and Honest Beauty have done well with minimalist designs, and more and more brands are quickly following suit, so it’s safe to assume that minimalism will still be popular in 2023.

Packaging trends — 2 Blocks of colour and curves

Overlapping or mixing different coloured blocks has been popular for a while, but recently, designers have been moving away from the straight lines and harsh shapes that used to dominate packaging in favour of more natural, soft designs. Companies can use these rounded edges to make their packaging look more natural and friendly by reminding people of things they see in nature. When combined with brighter colours, this is a one-of-a-kind chance to create a brand identity that is earthy and happy.

Packaging trends — 3 Pay attention to type in layout

The design industry has seen a meteoric rise in the use of typography as a way to communicate visually in the past few years. Since font designers can now make much more ambitious designs, companies may use bold, unique lettering to make their products stand out from the rest. Typography can help make a package design work in many ways, such as through repetition, unique composition, interesting language, and more.

Text-focused design is popular right now. This style recognises how hard it is to design type and celebrates it as an art form in its own right.

There are no pictures or photos. Instead, large fonts and strong colour contrasts take the spotlight. Common ideas about typography, in which style is more important than readability, are called into question by this movement.

Packaging trends — 4 The 1960s psychedelic revolution

The 1960s psychedelic style is one of those timeless design trends that will never look out of place. As the epidemic gets worse, the modern take on the return of psychedelic music from the 1960s takes us back to a time of unrestricted love, peace, and happiness, all of which we need more of.

These package designs from the 1960s stand out with skewed fonts, “groovy” waves, and bright colours next to modern items.

Packaging trends — 5 The trend of packaging as a source of peace

is especially important in 2022, when there is still a lot of trouble around the world. It gives people the peace and quiet they need so much. This first sigh of relief is caused by the use of muted colours that go well with each other. Simple content and few fonts make it easy to read.

Because an autonomic sensory meridian response is a popular way to calm people down, package surfaces that are shiny, smooth, or purposefully textured add an extra layer of calm (ASMR).

Packaging trends — 6 package design trend is “faux 3D deco,”

fake 3D graphic art that is creative and gives the look a modern and upscale twist. Using optical tricks that make things look like they have depth is a surefire way to get people’s attention.

Faux 3D is a good design idea for high-end technological items because it gives the buyer the impression that they are buying a cutting-edge product that is worth their money.

Packaging trends — 7 Complexity and symmetry work well together.

Many new packages also have fancy details that go against the trend toward simple designs. If done right, packaging with very detailed artwork could be a game-changer. Especially, symmetrical designs give the eyes a sense of order and unity. If a product comes in fancy packaging, customers are more likely to look at it for a longer time. At the moment, most big companies seem to stick to simple design principles. However, in 2022, it’s likely that more companies will take a different, more complicated approach to package design to stand out from the competition.

Packaging trends — 8 Why abstract art is beautiful

In recent years, designers have become more creative with packaging, making works of art in their own right. Packaging with art, especially abstract art, is becoming more and more popular. By making package design a fine art, traditional limits on the field are being broken down. This makes it possible for really unique and interesting packaging to be made.

Packaging trends — 9 The Fallacy of Depth

Magical and deceptive designs for packaging never fail to get people excited. Making three-dimensional graphics on two-dimensional surfaces has become more popular recently, as more companies see the marketing potential of this method. Putting a shadow on a company’s packaging or using more complicated lighting effects can add a whole new level of visual interest to their branding.

Packaging trends — 10 Examples about a product

Symbols that relate to the product inside the package and are usually small can be very effective in package design. From a practical point of view, icons and drawings that hint at a product are definitely useful because they give potential buyers an idea of what they’re buying. Such images are great for creating a visual identity because they help customers make the connection between the package and the product. This makes it easier for people to remember the brand.

Packaging trends — 11 Maximal inside, minimal outside

When the inside of a jacket is just as beautiful as the outside, you know you’re looking at something special. It seems to be the same with packing. What a pleasant surprise it is to open a simple package and find something well-made inside.

From the outside in, your logo’s simplicity and minimalism keep revealing bright colours and fancy graphics that will make your customers happy and help them remember your company long after they’ve moved on.

Packaging trends — 12 Raw materials that are perfect in every way

Earthy, bumpy textures are important for companies that want to show they are environmentally friendly and make customers aware of their concerns about the climate (excuse the tongue twister).

Ethical and biodegradable packaging is one way to show that your brand is committed to a sustainable position in an industry that is increasingly rewarding companies that put sustainability at the centre of their offering.

When ink is printed on repurposed textured fabrics that are off-white, it makes a slight change in colour.

Packaging trends — 13 Colors that were put together by cutting and pasting

Collage is still a popular way to make a design, but this year’s trends focus on geometric shapes and multiple layers of colour. Paper with torn raw edges makes people think of recycling, which is a good way to reach out to people who care about the environment.

In an independent setting where collage is still popular, this kind of packaging might help you reach your target demographic of creative, high-earning consumers.

Packaging trends — 14 Rubber hose heroes are king!

Who are these happy-looking people who walk around on all of our packages? In the 1920s, artists like Bill Nolan and Walt Disney made rubber hose creatures popular. Recently, illustrators around the world have given them more refined brushwork and funny, snarky attitudes, making them popular again.

The goal of any good box design should be to make the customer feel happy. These characters do a great job of reaching that goal. Characters in 2022 often wear caps, shoes, and tattoos, which makes them look more modern than the first rubber hose figures from the 1920s.

Are you excited for the new things that will happen in package design in 2023?

If there’s one thing we can learn from the trends in package design for 2023, it’s that people want to feel calm and nostalgic when they buy things.

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