Corrugated Packaging Is Looking Forward to the Future

Creative thinking and new printing techniques are transforming corrugated packaging into eye-catching uses beyond its traditional purpose, according to European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO).

FEFCO says that the industry is continually investing to meet challenges such as the ongoing shift towards internet shopping, environmental concerns and food waste. It is already a pioneering force in sustainable, lightweight, recyclable packaging. Continuing innovative developments will offer significant economic, protective and sustainability advantages far into the future.

By working with print specialists, the corrugated industry is developing the most precise and effective technologies to handle the interactive tools that will meet the growing appetite of consumers for instant access to product information.

With flat printable surfaces, corrugated is ready-made for digital platforms such as smartphone apps using printed QR codes. Printing technology is available that enables print on demand, lower printing costs and the ability to create personalised packaging.

The industry has also embraced the virtual world in the way that it serves its customers: 3D simulation technology, used during the packaging design process, allows customers to see how their products will look on supermarket shelves in true format prior to packaging production.

Corrugated packaging protects more than 75 percent of Europe’s goods in transit

Its role in the protection and preservation of food continues to develop: bulk handling and storage of food  ingredients and liquids during manufacturing process is increasingly carried out using large recyclable corrugated containers; cooler corrugated boxes for beer and beverages have recently been launched; a solution for the packaging of bulk-packed cheese where the structure of the board has been adapted, has resulted in zero product damage, a lower material usage of both board and stretch wrap, and an increase of product held on the pallet of +20 percent.

FEFCO’s Secretary General, Angelika Christ, said: “The corrugated industry is leading the way for packaging in the future. Innovative technology is improving both supply chain and in-store performance. Corrugated has already been transformed from protective transit packaging into multi-functional, colourful shelf ready packaging, without compromising product integrity.”

Source : www.worldbakers.com