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Amazon celebrates “Frustration-Free Packaging” but consumers still voice concerns

Amazon is marking a tenth holiday season since the launch of its “Frustration-Free Packaging”, designed to reduce waste with easy-to-open recyclable packaging.

This is however tempered by frequent complaints criticising both over-packaging and even under-packaging.

The e-retailer was recently blasted for using up to 45ft of paper packaging to protect a wall calendar.

Paradoxically, it was also accused of ‘ruining Christmas’ after customers received items without any packaging.

Amazon responded to a customer complaint on Facebook, stating: “We try to minimise the amount of packaging materials we use as much as possible.

“For future orders, you can keep the contents of your package a surprise by selecting the gift option during checkout, or you may mark ‘Ship in Amazon box’ on the checkout page if you don’t wish to reveal the contents.”

Frustration-Free Packaging removes plastic bindings, wire ties, and clamshell casings – making boxes simple to open.

So far this year the e-commerce giant has delivered 120 million shipments with packaging that it says is certified Frustration-Free or Ships in Own Container.

Additionally, Amazon said it’s sustainable packaging innovations have eliminated 181,000 tons of packaging material and avoided 307 million shipping boxes.

Kim Houchens, director of customer packaging experience at Amazon, said: “A decade ago we set out to invent packaging that is easy for customers to open, eliminates waste, and ensures products arrive undamaged on our customers’ doorsteps.

“Our certified packaging programs, including Frustration-Free Packaging, have delighted tens of millions of customers around the globe – and we’re adding new products to these programs every day.”

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