About Us w Crew

About us

We are a solutions provider and manufacturer. And, we even make boxes. 

We’ve been around since 1963 and we are still here. And, so are the manufacturing jobs.

We produce everything from simple brown boxes to high-end commercial graphic presentations. PPB is housed in a 150,000 square foot, state of the art high-efficiency facility in Toronto, Canada. But, we are international. We have a second manufacturing facility in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our Workspace

Our workspace is state-of-the-art production – All our boxes are manufactured in our 150,000 square foot, ISO certified facility. Everything is made on-site so we are able to maintain our strict quality standards, while offering competitive pricing and high efficiency production.

Our Culture 

Our “above and beyond” attitude to service is the cornerstone of our business – we pride ourselves on it. It’s a competitive market out there, and we know that as customers, you will stick with the partners who you can count on, who put your needs first every time, no matter what the situation.

Whatever your packaging needs, Planet Paper Box can help you find the perfect solution for shipping, display, storage, and more. Our facility always stocks corrugated board in a wide variety of flutes and tests, so call us. We’re ready to make exactly the box you need immediately.

Our Capabilities

Our facility runs three dedicated shifts, 24 hours a day. A smart conveyor system automates and coordinates pallets coming off the line and eliminates the need for hand bundling for faster speeds and greater consistency. Our automated system maximizes our efficiencies, which reduces costs, maintains speed and increases quality. We make large-volume purchases of corrugated sheets in a wide variety of tests (strengths) and flutes (thicknesses), and maintain this inventory in our large storage area at all times; having everything we need on hand means we can fulfill your packaging needs immediately. You’ll never have to wait for materials to arrive.

How Our Customers Put It

” Over the years I have done business with many converted manufacturers. The past three years we have used one supplier: Planet Paper Box. In our business, service is a priority. Planet supplies same day quotes, 24-48 hour turnaround, and excellent service. Their pricing is competitive with all other suppliers. In other words, Planet fulfills all my requirements. ” – Michael Lee

At Our Core

We are a group of highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring your packaging project is professionally managed from end to end. Over 50+ Years in the CPG Industry, we are one of Canada’s Largest Independent Corrugated and Packaging Company. WE can assist you with ANY packaging project, and do it with a long proven track record.

The crew


Planet Paper Box is a sheet plant that has supplied corrugated cartons and sheets to a variety of businesses since 1963. Our State of the art, 150,000 square foot, ISO-certified facility is located in Concord, Ontario, just north of Toronto.

Our production response and production capabilities are second to none! Planet Paper Box houses the most modern and widest variety production machinery that the industry has to offer!

Our offices


Ontime Delivery

Its sounds basic enough, but we stick by a few simple principles, one of them being, deliver it on time.


Sales Support

Our award winning designs have inspired and amazed consumers. See the marketing bump our efforts can deliver to your CPG projects.


Customer service

WE know our business and we can support any projects within the CPG space. Contact our representatives for a personal consultation.

At our core, we provide

  • Cost effectively address a wide range of jobs and run lengths—including short runs.
  • Easily meet market turnaround demands with virtually zero set up and simple delivery.
Client Care
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Rapid Deployement
Award Winning