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5 Myths About Corrugated Use

A number of misconceptions and misperceptions exist regarding the use of corrugated. Consider just a few myths below.

Myth 1: “No real innovations have occurred in recent times.”

Not so! The strength-to-weight ratio for corrugated has improved recently as more durable material options, better fluting methods and more stable structural designs have penetrated the market. The continuing expansion of shelf-ready packages that are both sturdy shippers and attractive displays benefit from these advances. In addition, science is making possible new types of applications. As an example, many frozen foods manufacturers are turning more to fiber-based solutions due to the advancement of functional coatings.

Myth 2: “Printing on corrugated lacks sophistication.”

High-quality flexo, litho and digital printers are producing colorful graphics that grab shoppers’ eyes with clarity and precision. In addition, corrugated packaging providers are becoming G7-Certified, meaning brand color-matching across all substrates and printing methods is guaranteed.

Myth 3: “Unique designs are difficult to produce.”

Technological innovations in laminating, die-cutting, creasing, folding and gluing are making elaborate designs more economical to produce at high volumes and high speeds. For instance, a 20-fold shelf-ready package is no longer a challenge for automated corrugated forming machinery.

Myth 4: “Corrugated is too ‘old school’ for shipping.”

Corrugated protects products more efficiently than petroleum-based alternatives that might require extra materials to wrap and enclose the product or filling materials for added cushioning. The reliability of performance and the versatility of design in corrugated can reduce packaging requirements and eliminate excessive materials. Let’s face it, corrugated boxes have long been the shipping standard for a reason!

Myth 5: “Consumers don’t care about boxes.”

In the era of social media, every brand touchpoint matters. Some consumers even make videos detailing the “opening experience” of their favorite products and packages. And even if they don’t notice the small details that go into packaging, the familiarity of a hassle-free opening experience reflects favorably on the brand. Add to all that the sustainability story inherent in corrugated, and you can rest assured that consumers will “get it.”

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